Split Rock Autumn Splendor

DOB 09/23/11

Primoris Filius x CTF Chalcedony


Photos taken 8/13/13

Autumn Splendor as a cria

Photos taken 8/13/13

Updated photos taken 3/16/14

Autumn Splendor was born on the first day of Autumn and what a splendid surprise! She showed up a little early but after a few slow days she just took off. She is the first cria sired by Little Rock Primoris Filius out of our 1/2 Argentine female, CTF Chalcedony. I finally got more current photos of Autumn Splendor and she looks amazing! She has filled out and gotten extremely heavy wool coverage. Just look at the difference between her cria photos and the current photos. Argentines tend to develop a bit slower than other llamas and Autumn is no exception. She just looks better and better the older she gets. Please pardon the hay all over her in the current photos. She is a hay magnet. All that heavy, silky wool attracts the stuff! I brushed her out a bit for the most current set of photos. She is a two year old so she is blowing her winter coat and is a mess but she has amazing fiber - so soft and silky!

Her background on her sire's side includes our Halter Champion, Tempis Fugit, Quo Vadis, Top Flight, Macho Blanco of Tunitas, Ivory Pond's Gold Nugget, Union Jack, Ivory Pond's Black Jack and Ransom (Ivory Pond's Aladdin). Her background on her dam's side includes GNLC Ripcurl and an Argentine Kobra daughter, Kobra's Rebekka. Both Ripcurl and Rebekka are ALSA Halter Champions, which means that 3 out of 4 of Autumn's grandparents are Halter Champions!

 Autumn is a curious and friendly little girl with outstanding presence and personality plus.

              Little Rock Primorius Filius                                                        CTF Chalcedony