Split Rock Poodles


We had all of our puppies placed but Viper and Ice Man are available again. Scroll down for information on them. Viper can be sold with limited or full (with breeding rights) AKC registration. Full registration is an additional fee. Ice Man is sold with only limited AKC registration to a pet home unless you are an experienced breeder of toy poodles with knowledge about breeding extreme white parti dogs.

 We plan to have a litter of puppies in 2019, depending on when Brandy comes into heat. Brandy is from our second litter of Victoria X Kodiak puppies. She is a cream sable. We added a stunning brown and apricot phantom male to our breeding program recently and plan to breed Brandy and Cognac this year. We hope to get at least a phantom or two in the litter. We may also breed Cognac to Victoria, increasing the chances of getting phantoms in the litter. Contact us to get on our waiting list!

They're HERE!!! Our litter of toy poodles arrived early on the morning of September 3rd... Labor Day - how appropriate! The dam is Lady Victoria of Split Rock, a black and silver phantom toy poodle. The sire is Kodiak Parti Time Teddy Bear, a silver and white parti toy poodle. We had four gorgeous puppies in this litter - a brown abstract male, a black and white parti male (the black will most likely fade to silver like his sire), an extreme white parti with black ticking/spots, and a black abstract female (she will most likely clear to silver).

If you would like to adopt on of these puppies, please contact us. You must place a deposit on the puppy of your choice in order for us to hold that puppy for you. If you do not place your deposit within 24 hours I will remove the temporary hold and move to the next person on the list. Deposits are non-refundable. As breeders, we always reserve the right to first choice of puppy to retain. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at 9 to 10 weeks of age.

We follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol. Puppies will not receive their first shots until 9 to 10 weeks of age so you can either opt to have your vet do the first set of shots after you bring your puppy home or we can administer them ourselves before they go home with their new family. Some additional information I've come across recommends waiting until the puppy is 12 to 16 weeks old because the chance of getting immunity is highest in that time frame and only ONE shot is needed!

All puppies are AKC registered and come with a one year genetic health guarantee. They have been dewormed several times.

We have made the decision to leave the tails natural on this litter. Tail docking is banned or restricted in 36 countries around the world. It is considered "elective" surgery and has potential risks involved. I have listed links to some informative articles here regarding the practice of docking tails. Personally, I find the natural tail on a poodle absolutely stunning. The photo posted here is of our blue standard poodle, Willow, who has a natural tail. These puppies also have their dew claws in place. Just be sure you clip the dew claws on a regular basis when you clip the rest of their nails and they'll do fine with them. Removing dew claws is essentially amputation of their thumbs, which they use to hold toys, bones, etc.




2018 Litter - Newborn

2018 Litter at 3 weeks

Viper - 6 Weeks

Viper @ 7 Weeks

Viper at 12 Weeks

Brown Abstract Male - will most likely clear to Cafe au Lait

$1200 - Available

Maverick - 6 weeks

Maverick @ 7 Weeks

Black & White Parti Male (may clear to silver/white)


Ice Man - 6 Weeks

Ice Man @ 7 Weeks

Extreme White Parti Male with black spots/ticking - Only available with limited AKC registration, no breeding rights


Charlotte - 6 Weeks

Charlotte @ 7 Weeks

Black Abstract Female - will clear to silver

SOLD - $1400

Lady Victoria & Kodiak Party Time Teddy Bear

Victoria and Kodiak both come from Dream Time Poodles

2017 litter

Phantom male in center laying on Victoria, Sable female tucked under Victoria's chin.

2017 Puppies at 2 weeks old

 2016 Litter

The entire litter on Day 1 - July 2016 litter


2016 Litter - 17 days old